Authentication & Linked Accounts

Single, Double, and Triple authentication procedures are available.

Leveraging oAuth2 as our baseline JSAPI security, SPAWNPOINT provides this additional authentication support:

  • Username/password
  • Device ID for guest login
  • GameCenter account
  • Twitch account
  • Twitter account
  • Google account
  • Facebook account
  • Steam account
  • Other oAuth providers
  • Android device ID
  • Custom player ID
  • Coming soon – Kongregate account authentication

Characters as User Accounts

Treat a character account as a user account with its own
complete identity, allowing you to virtualize the experience
completely. All of the custom data attribution available for a player is available for a character. One or more (there is no limit) character accounts can be associated as children to a player account.

Player Event Triggering

Leverage the SPAWNPOINT Game Rules Engine
{trigger-condition(s)-event(s)} to take action in real-time as a player state evolves. Automate messaging on level changes, broadcast experience events, update item entitlements, and more – anything that you can define against our API endpoints, sophistication condition engine, and stackable events.

Manage Player Data

As a Serverless Architecture, SPAWNPOINT allows you to store player data and game state on the platform so that it is never lost, easily maintained and always ready for access:

  • Entitlement level access
  • Gamification modeling data including levels, virtual
    currency, points accumulation models, badges, and more
  • Share across any platform, device, or game
  • Expose data (as appropriate) to other players
  • All data available for CRUD by JSAPI
  • Player and character stats for leader
    boards,matchmaking and segmentation
  • COPPA compliance support provided
  • Add customer data attributes on the fly, all accessible via
    API endpoints and exposed to our game rules engine


We have customers across all mediums. Whatever works for you, works for us.

Enjoy a level of flexibility and insight you’ve never experienced before. Mobile, PC, Web, Console, AR, VR, Physical Web, Eddystone, iBeacon, PR, SR, whatever acronym comes out next. If it’s online and can communicate – we’ll support you.

Keep track of devices. Associate a device with a user. Create actions based on device data, and send commands back to devices. The Platform enables any kind of device-to-cloud interaction.

  • No limits from whom it collects data or to where it sends your service.
  • Physical Web, Digital Web, or any end-user device that has existed, exists, or will exist.


With a solid and dynamic campaign and leaderboard management, you gain three-tier classification that allows you to run campaigns (tournaments), challenges, and events. Provide rewarding for completion and/or success. Unlimited events against unlimited challenges against unlimited campaigns!

Campaigns can be scheduled, manual, or Automagicly-generated.

  • Filter leaderboards
  • Expose any stat/data for leaderboard ranking
  • Leaderboards can be last, first, max, min, mean
  • Remove players suspected of cheating at any time via
    manual or 3rd party system management
    (anti-cheat, ban systems, etc.)


SPAWNPOINT provides a level of robust broadcast and unicast messaging, not found on any other gaming-focused Backend as a Service. Provide the ability to target or broadcast individuals, cohorts, groups, or all across a bevy of communication
channels including:

Push-Notifications to

  • In-App
  • In-Game
  • Second Screen
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Twitter
  • VRU
  • 3rd Parties

The SPAWNPOINT broadcast and messaging services allow you to deploy your own chat engine in-game, controlled and managed entirely by your development processes.

Available soon – Photon and SIFT Chat Support and Profanity filtering.

What’s coming with Photon Chat Support?

  • Deep integration with Photon Chat service
  • Supports 1-to-1, small group, and large group chat
  • Automated actions when players enter and exit
  • Community Sift integration for profanity filtering

SIFT Profanity Filtering

  • Provides display name filtering
  • Integrated with Photon Chat
  • Deeper custom integration available


Virtual/Real Economy Management

Managing a large Virtual Economy can be as complex as managing the economy of a small country. Central bankers have access to tools to address heating & cooling of economies, to print new money, and to create scarcity through supply & demand. So does SPAWNPOINT (and you!).

  • Create inflation/deflation through virtual currency
  • Manage currency balances available in world/game
  • Create an unlimited number of virtual currency types to
    manage one or more games
  • Create trading values against currencies

Fully manage your virtual economy with unlimited currencies, goods, achievements and more. Item, Entitlement and Subscription management.

Payment Processors

Out-of-the-box integrations to top global providers including Stripe, Paypal, Xsolla, Authorize, and more!

Store Management

SPAWNPOINT enables you to manage real, digital, and virtual goods. From physical fulfillment integration and on-demand merch providers like Bespoke Technologies (based in Detroit – American-made!), to payment processing and distribution of both physical and digital cash-cards from Incomm – SPAWNPOINT is prepared to move you and your vision forward. Other features include:

  • Product Bundling (including combining the physical with
    the virtual)
  • Subscription (daily, weekly, monthly, annual, or
    arbitrary – physical or virtual currency)
  • Vouchers
  • Coupons
  • SKU Management
  • DLC
  • Inventory Management

Virtual Asset/Item Behavior Management

  • Virtual assets and items should not act like an asset with
    unlimited supply just because there is an unlimited supply!
  • Drive scarcity by tweaking supply
  • Enforce first use policies
  • Auto-set expiration of items by time (minutes, hours, days,
    weeks, months)
  • Max-use policies on every asset can be defined

Contextual & Real-time Analytics

Context built into the platform. Award-winning Knetik.IO platform used by dozens of games and large studios. Enhance your data experience further by doing additional instrumentation of Knetik.IO into your server and/or client.

  • Real-time access
  • Direct access to Redshift possible
  • Full-text event searching
  • Overlay 3rd party data
  • A/B testing
  • Cohorting and Groups
  • Slicer tools for deep context

Trigger-Based Rule Engine

A powerful rules engine that allows you to create custom triggers, complex conditions, and stackable actions.

  • Trigger: Any API endpoint, any player/character event,
    any back-office data point
  • Condition: Boolean checks, REGEX, and easy-to-use
    condition sets that can have one or multiple
    true/false/value events
  • Event: Stackable events that provide personalized
    messaging, automated stat updates, and easy
    management of events (as simple as Forgotten
    Password requests)

10 Billion events Served
and Counting!


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