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PCRhem 4
Debra Sack posted this item on Dec 3, 2010

New York, N.Y. December 3, 2010 - WHA 2 Entertainment, a publisher and developer of entertainment games based on leading IP Franchises, announced today it will launch the popular first-person puzzle adventure game, RHEM 4 The Golden Fragments, for the PC and Mac at participating retailers for a MSRP of $19.99.

RHEM 4Set in a fantastic hidden world full of strange unknown mechanisms, secret passages and hidden doorways, RHEM 4 The Golden Fragments takes players to an undiscovered part of RHEM where they will explore using their logic and the ability to discover enigmas. Players will uncover a hidden transportation system to the outside world, but before they can activate it and make their return, they must find all nine fragments of the key to the system. Hints and solutions are featured throughout the game and will aid players in solving unique puzzles and mind-bending enigmas.

"RHEM 4 is a very addictive and dynamic game, but it also takes a good amount of strategic thinking to successfully solve the puzzles," said Howard Horowitz, Founder and CEO of WHA 2 Entertainment, Inc. "With its violence free story line and clever puzzles, RHEM 4 is perfect for the whole family!"

RHEM 4RHEM 4 The Golden Fragments will feature numerous secret rooms and hidden paths along with a new album feature that lets players collect and use hints. In addition, a new "color picker" feature will now allow color-blinded to solve puzzles. This family-friendly, pure puzzle 3-D adventure game complete with non-linear gameplay, will keep players guessing as they use logical thinking and keen-puzzle solving skills to once again reach the outside world!

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About WHA 2 Entertainment
WHA 2 Entertainment, Inc. is a publisher and developer of entertainment games based on leading IP Franchises and sold via Console Digital Distribution. For more information about WHA 2 Entertainment, please contact


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