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Burn Zombie Burn - PC Review
Scott Elliott posted this item on Sep 24, 2010

Burn Zombie Burn Screenshot Burn Zombie Burn [PS3, PC]

"Zombies and guns, what more do you need?"


What do you get when you combine an unlimited amount of zombies with lots and lots of deadly weapons? Burn Zombie Burn that’s what! This title brought to you by Doublesix and Sony, gives players the opportunity to play out what all good gamers love - a good shoot-em-up. On top of that, add a generous side order of zombies and you have got a twist on this game type.

This concept of a zombie-fest is nothing new but, everyone knows that when it comes to killing zombies that the more fire power the better, especially when you are faced with horde after horde of rambling un-dead. If you were to glance at this game you might skip past it for another typical zombie game, this however has many unique twists that make it worth spending your precious cash on.


Burn Zombie Burn Screenshot Burn Zombie Burn Screenshot


The game is a cross between the stylised eras of the late 70’s early 80’s. It achieves this by the use of main character design and the way in which scenery and levels are based. This makes it stand out and certainly is very well designed. Nothing looks out of place, and I can definitely say, if there was to be a zombie invasion this is where I would like to see myself. Although in RL I would probably be running in the opposite direction.

The Environment is what you would expect from a zombie horror game. Graveyard, drive-in, army base and laboratory environments all provide a nice setting and backdrop for your killing spree. The principle design behind them is to provide an arena in which you must avoid scenery to get to safety or the weapons and special drops.


Getting Started

So what else does the game have to offer other than just shooting a mass of un-dead? For one this is no ordinary PG12 game, this is a 15, what you’d expect from a zombie shooter which includes some mild gore. Not what you would get from say games like Doom but still it’s something.


Burn Zombie Burn Screenshot

When it comes to jumping in to this game as a new player and trying to get in control of the reigns it may take a few attempts but easy enough if you are used to this game type. The control system of mouse to change look and the w.a.s.d keys it’s pretty easy to get used to as you are looking down on the character in a third person  from above. The first few minutes I spent trying to make sure my mouse sensitivity was set right just to make sure when I  moved and aimed, I would hit something.

Staying in one place is something I would take under advisement in this game of cat and mouse. This is partly due to the weapon and item spawns that appear randomly throughout that game and the fact that the zombies will very quickly surround you and you can find yourself in a fight to the death with 2 dozen of the blighters.


WeaponsBurn Zombie Burn Screenshot

Weapons are pretty typical when it comes to this style of game, you start off with the pistol which has unlimited ammo, then there are your slower loading and firing shotguns which do more damage. Then the ‘less’ popular rifles which again are slower to load but can wipe out a line of well sighted un-dead.

The most fun you can have is with the baseball bat which can knock a few back after a hit, or if you continue to swing it will eventually kill them. Although technically they are already dead! The other is the flamethrower which is obviously  used to set them alight and if killed whilst on fire can drop better weapons and refills.

Another one of the fun but quite useful drops is the dynamite, which when triggered near a large group can kill quite a few, but if possible try and keep them for as long as possible. Also try not to get too close to the action as you will undoubtedly get injured or killed. Bummer!


Burn Zombie Burn ScreenshotOne of the things I found interesting was the way in which the waves of zombies appear. Depending on how well you are doing, usually when you start a level it may be easier to kill the zombies as they arise from the grave as it were. But be careful not to ignore the ones sneaking up behind you. After the first few waves you will have a job on your hands and you will find it increasingly difficult to focus on one area. Oh and before you think you can just spin round in circles shooting randomly, don’t bother. I have tried and it doesn’t work, trust me! Aim your shots carefully and make sure to conserve ammo on some of the better weapons.


Overall I think this game is fun and well worth $11 (£6.99), I certainly had fun playing it and it can be quite addictive when it comes to trying to beat your high score.


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