Falcon Mach V vs the Torque
Steven Sack posted this item on Sep 16, 2008

Falcon Mach V Overdrive Torque SLI

What is the Ultimate Gaming Machine?

Do you dream of that Ultimate gaming machine? The one you can ¨brag¨ about to all your friends. Are you looking for that perfect machine, the one that has that special place in your heart? There are several high end computers that are made especially for the gamer. These are not your average computer and are made for more than just your regular applications, so don’t expect to pay the price of your average computer here. A good gaming machine will run a few thousand dollars. Let’s look at two top gaming machines and see how they compare, and which we consider the ¨all time top¨ gaming machine.

The Mach V from Falcon Northwest

Falcon Northwest is a company that specializes gaming machines and has done so for as long as gamers have been using computers. This is probably one of the highest end computers with a whopping price tag of $8,395.00. Wow! But is it really worth the high end price tag? Let’s take a look:

The Mach V comes in a great purple automotive color with a variety of hand painted logos from which you can choose. It can also be custom painted using high end automobile paint in any color you want with any graphics you want. Its got a liquid cooled 3.73 GHz Pentium 4 EE processor which is over-clocked to 4.25 GHx, giving the gamer an ultimate, amazing speed, which is supported by two twin 512 MB nVidia GeForce 6800 Ultra cards. These ultra cards are supposedly what make the machine a gamers dream. Each of these video cards costs about $1000 a piece that is if you can find them.

Is it Really Worth the Money?

We wanted to try the great Doom 3 on this machine and check out all the cool graphics that the developers intended to be shown on this ¨fabulous¨ machine. In the end we didn’t see much of a difference when we ran the game on this or on another less expensive machine like the Overdrive PC Torque SLI.

As far as system performance tests, there is no question the Mach V is a fast computer. It out scores most other systems with a rating of 242 for office productivity and a 292 for Internet content creation, which surpasses most other PCs. But we found the Mach V to be a great gaming machine, but there are others that seem to be superior in outperforming the Mach V in gaming performance.

The Overdrive Torque SLI is A Better Gaming PC

One of those is the Overdrive Torque SLI which cost significantly less. The Overdrive Torque SLI outperformed the Mach V when over-clocked, and outperformed the Mach V hands down on 3D tests. So the real plus for the Mach V are those great 512MB graphics cards but they have no real current use, and may be for future gaming and not for actual real world games today.

The Mach V is a terrific computer and great performer with the latest technology, but $8000.00 is a bit steep, even if you do have the money in your pocket. You might want to wait on this and head on over and look at the Overdrive Torque SLI which runs almost $2000 less.

Overdrive PCs have always been great gaming machines and the Torque SLi is no different. This pc starts at $6000 and has great performance numbers, and if you have the money to spend then this is the computer you want.

It comes in a plain silver case, no bells and whistles here! And who really cares! Still, its simplicity makes it an extremely attractive machine. The two green lit cooling fans keep the two nVidia GeForce 6800 ultra cards super cool during gaming. In our opinion its these two ultra cards that make the machine well worth the price.

The torques other features include, a 20 inch CRT monitor which gives great smooth images, but is a little bulkier than the LCD monitors. Another nice feature is the great Audigy audio input-output break out box which is installed in a 5.25 drive bay.

It also comes with a great wireless keyboard and mouse. The Sli FX-55 processor is over-clocked to 2.8GHz and has an even better performance than even the Falcon Mach V. The internal wires are shortened and directed to their correct locations, which makes for a lot less wiry mess inside and a nice clean appearance.

On benchmark tests both for office performance and gaming performance the Torque way outperforms the Mach V, which is somewhat surprising seeing the much higher price tag of the Mach V.

When we performed the same test using our Doom 3, this AMD Athlon 64 FX gave us the performance we needed for gaming, great sound and images with no hitches or bugs throughout our testing. We got all the cool graphics, sounds and unrelenting gaming action on this PC. If you are looking for the perfect gaming machine and want to save a couple of thousand then this is the PC you want. In our opinion the Overdrive Torque SLI outperforms and out prices the Mach V. This is theUltimate gaming machine for gamers of all ages.


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