PC Terra Militaris

Terra Militaris is a free to play MMORTS browser game

Terra Militaris

Game Info

Game Name: Terra Militaris

Official Website: http://terra-militaris.gpotato.eu

Platform: PC

Publisher(s): Gala Networks 

Developer(s): Snail Game 

Genre(s): MMORTS

Release Date: November 25, 2010




Terra Militaris: First Huge Expansion Announced

First expansion announced.

Lemon Azam Jun 20, 2011
Terra Militaris Enters Closed Beta

Browser-Based MMORTS Begins First Round Of Intensive Testing

Debra Sack Sep 27, 2010
Terra Militaris Closed Beta draws near

Browser-Based MMORTS to Start Closed Beta Test Pre-Registrations today

Debra Sack Sep 17, 2010
Terra Militaris

MMORTS arriving on the gPotato.eu portal in English, German, French and Polish by the end of the year

Debra Sack Aug 31, 2010