PC Aika Global

Aika Global is a free to play fantasy MMO

Aika Global

Game Info

Game Name: Aika Global

Official Website: http://aika.t3fun.com

Platform: PC

Publisher(s): HanbitSoft  

Developer(s): T3 Entertainment 

Genre(s): Free2Play MMO

Release Date: August 20, 2010

ESRB: Rating Pending




AIKA Global

Four in-game events are lined up for this month, plus new game features and website updates!

Debra Sack May 11, 2011
Aika Global

Celebrates with Double EXP Event

Debra Sack Feb 18, 2011
HanbitSoft Concludes Export Contract to Russia for !

◈ Serviced to 10 countries including Taiwan and Russia since 2009

Debra Sack Dec 7, 2010
AIKA Global Brings the Holiday Happiness this December

Player events are everywhere this December! AIKA Global forums and fan sites will have their own holiday events as well as inside the game too.

Debra Sack Dec 3, 2010
AIKA Global Mini Flash Game

AIKA Global Mini Game Provides Players with a Character Simulator and a Test to See What Their Pran Might Look Like in The Game.

Debra Sack Oct 14, 2010
Aika Global Concludes Successful Cbt

Aika Global Cbt Officially Wraps Up, Obt Scheduled For August 27, 2010

Debra Sack Aug 24, 2010
Aika Global Cbt Is All Systems Go!

AIKA Global is starting its 3-Day Closed Beta Test on August 20, 2010 to August 23, 2010*

Debra Sack Aug 20, 2010
AIKA Global CBT remains to be Unstoppable!

AIKA Global CBT client is now available for download!

Debra Sack Aug 17, 2010
Aika Global’s Closed Beta Key Giveaway Kicks Off

Thousands to giveaway for an early sneak preview of the much awaited MMO from T3fun.

Debra Sack Aug 11, 2010
Closed Beta Test For Aika Global Is On!

Aika Global is starting its Closed Beta Test for Global Service on August 20, 2010!

Debra Sack Aug 6, 2010