PC Mythos

Mythos is a casual online RPG, used to test the networking technology for Hellgate: London.


Game Info

Game Name: Mythos

Platform: PC

Publisher(s): Ping0 

Developer(s): Flagship Seattle 

Genre(s): RPG

Release Date: Available Now: Dec 31, 1970

Online Modes:

ESRB: Rating Pending




Battle Royale

Update to bring us new "Lamento" PvP system.

Lemon Azam Jul 21, 2011

Give Us This Day Our Daily…

Debra Sack May 27, 2011

Hung, Drawn and Quartered!

Debra Sack May 13, 2011
Mythos Open Beta Starts Today

Everyone Can Now Hack And Slash Their Way Through The Game’s Gruelling Dungeons And Hordes Of Ferocious Beasts.

Debra Sack Apr 12, 2011
Mythos Closed Beta Update

This is what Mythos fans across Europe have been waiting for with bated breath

Debra Sack Mar 30, 2011
Mythos Release Date

Mythos release date and head start for those who purchase retail box edition

Debra Sack Mar 17, 2011
Successful Start to the Mythos Closed Beta

The closed beta server went online yesterday bang on at 12 noon, finally giving Mythos fans a chance to bash those nasty monsters – and their fellow players.

Debra Sack Feb 9, 2011
Mythos Beta in the “Beta Sneak Peek”

Start of closed beta announced – Beta sneak peek coming this month

Debra Sack Jan 24, 2011


Debra Sack Dec 17, 2010
Mythos PC-Beta Incoming!

It will allow gamers to run amok with monsters galore.

Debra Sack Dec 10, 2010
Dishing out the details on Mythos crafting system

One of the features central to the forthcoming Hack-and-Slash MMO Mythos is the comprehensive crafting system.

Debra Sack Nov 15, 2010
Mythos Class Warfare

New trailer presents all the classes of the hack'n'slash MMO Mythos

Debra Sack Oct 8, 2010
Hack'n'Slash MMO Mythos

Gadgeteer Lets Rip!

Debra Sack Sep 20, 2010
Official Mythos Website along with news of the Closed Beta

Players can now register for the Mythos closed Beta and check out new in-game trailer

Debra Sack Sep 2, 2010
New Mythos Trailer Launched

Video shows first details of the background story of the Action-MMORPG

Debra Sack Jul 30, 2010
“Mythos” is Back

Frogster brings the new and improved Action-MMORPG to Europe

Debra Sack Jul 6, 2010
Mythos Official Website Now Live

Get a Deeper Look into the Land of Uld with All New Screenshots and Gameplay Videos

Debra Sack Jun 23, 2010
Mythos in Russia

Mythos is a MMO game that is distributed on free-to-play model.

Debra Sack Apr 5, 2010
Mythos is Reborn

Redbana US Launches Updated Teaser Site Detailing Several New Additions to the Highly Anticipated Dungeon-Crawling MMO

Debra Sack Dec 1, 2009
HanbitSoft Opens Public Develop Status of MYTHOS

HanbitSoft Inc. announced today that the company is revealing the development status of MYTHOS

Debra Sack May 7, 2009
Discover The Secrets Of Uld - With Chapter Three Of MythosTM

Flagship Studios Seattle releases new chapter and launches redesigned site for highly anticipated free casual MMORPG

Surida Mar 28, 2008
New trailer released for Mythos

Ping0, LLC, a joint-venture between Flagship Studios and HanbitSoft, Inc., today announced the release of a new gameplay trailer for Mythos™ its highly anticipated free-to-download and play massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

Surida Jan 16, 2008
Flagship Studios Announces New Mythos Content

Ping0, LLC, a joint-venture between Flagship Studios and HanbitSoft, Inc., today announced the expansion of the closed beta program for the highly anticipated massively multiplayer online role-playing game Mythos™.

Surida Oct 23, 2007