PC World of Mixed Martial Arts

Take charge of a Mixed Martial Arts company and manage everything to do with its running, including

World of Mixed Martial Arts

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Game Name: World of Mixed Martial Arts

Platform: PC

Publisher(s): Grey Dog Software 

Developer(s): Grey Dog 

Genre(s): Sports

Release Date: Available Now: Dec 31, 1970

Online Modes:

ESRB: Rating Pending




World of Mixed Martial Arts 3 - v1.1 Demo to Retail Patch

WMMA3_Trial2Full_11.zip | Added Jan 27, 2011

Summary: WMMA3 is about creating, maintaining and ultimately improving ...

The most common way of playing WMMA3 is for the user to take on the guise of an avatar (a character representing them in the game world) and join an MMA company. Although officially the player’s job title is “match maker”, in reality it is predominantly based around two major roles; roster management (the hiring and firing of fighters to the company) and match making (pitting fighters against each other on shows that company is running). Although the user also has some say in financial and “corporate” matters,
these are minor roles.

At its heart, WMMA3 is about creating, maintaining and ultimately improving a roster of fighters. The roster is constantly evolving as new stars are created, older stars fade or retire, and other fighters move up or down the rankings, and it is up to the player – using a combination of a keen eye for talent, a sense of how valuable a fighter is, and clever match-making – to make sure the roster remains in a state that is beneficial to the company. You will also have to deal with the fine balancing act of using everyone on your roster on a regular basis without financially over-burdening yourself or leaving anyone unhappy.




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