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Take to the Air

Airline Tycoon II

Game Info

Game Name: Airline Tycoon II

Official Website: http://www.kalypsomedia.com/

Platform: PC

Publisher(s): Kalypso Media 

Developer(s): n/a 

Genre(s): Strategy / Simulation

Release Date: Q4 2011




Take to the Air

About Airline Tycoon II

Airline Tycoon 2  is the next installment in the  acclaimed business management series - Airline Tycoon. The game sees the player take the reins of an airline which they must bring to financial success. As well as managing staff, buying new aircraft and opening up new air routes, players must deal with crabby passengers and engage in corporate espionage against their competitors.



  • Dynamic economic and flight system: The world of Airline Tycoon 2 is constantly changing! 
  • Airports worldwide, from Moscow to Venezuela – every single one with realistic conditions and passenger volume 
  • Individually customizable airplanes: With extensive editors, clunky chassis become unique, luxury travel machines! 
  • Be in the action: Navigate your avatar around your 3D home airport, order your employees around and expand your airline. You might even meet some VIPs at the airport bar! 
  • Challenging economic simulation: Plan flights all around the world, coordinate arrivals and landings, make a profit and improve the image of your airline. 
  • Four playable avatars with defined strengths and weaknesses 
  • A mix of random events bring variety to the game: The pope wants a special flight? Civil unrest in the third world? Volcanic ash clouds above Europe? Only if you act fast and properly, will you benefit from these events. 
  • Sabotage: Annoy your opponents with devious actions! But beware! Your enemies will take revenge on you!


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