PC Gobliiins 4

Find out the Secrets of Gobliiins 4.

Gobliiins 4

Game Info

Game Name: Gobliiins 4

Official Website: www.goblins4.com

Platform: PC

Publisher(s): Snowberry 

Developer(s): Societe Pollene 

Genre(s): Real-Time Strategy

Release Date: Unknown




Find out the Secrets of Gobliiins 4.

Find our why Riri ran away, if Saladini is your friend - or likely to cause you trouble. Get to the bottom of all the mysteries this weekend when you have a chance to play Gobliiins 4 and unravel all of its secrets.

Following the success of its predecessors, Gobliiins 4 continues the hilarious story of the three wacky characters Tchoup, Perlius and Stucco. Typically for goblins, they are not especially bright, and each is capable of one - and only one - type of behaviour. It's up to the player to combine their unique skills in creative ways in order to progress through the game.

Keep your eyes open, there’s always something happening in the background to surprise you – nothing is as it seems. Hilarious pranks and capers to keep you amused for hours of game playing fun……


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