Orion's Gold - get as much as you can! 22 days ago
Orion's Gold - get as much as you can!


Build & Defend: A Tale of Survival 0

By Logan Blosser RSS posted Mar 31 2014 at 10:08AM

We've seen alot of survival games since the rise of Minecraft. Don't Starve, Terraria, and Rust all have thier own elements that make them stand apart in this bursting genre of mainly jsut minecraft clones, things that don't add anything new. Everyone is trying to get in on it. However, this recent game, now availalbe to purchase into the beta, definitly adds something different. It is called Build & Defend: A Tale of Survival. Like Don't Starve or Minecraft, enemies spawn at night - yet in this game they actively come looking for you, no matter where you are, and can easily overrrun unprepared defenses. 

There is also the fact that it is set up to create a challege every day, unlike games like minecraft, where the mobs pose little danger once you get set up. In this game, however, the challenge you face each night is greater and greater. More and more strong enemies will come to knock down your defenses. Also, any livestock that they happen to attack will turn into... (Read More)

Orion's Gold - get as much as you can! 0

By Logan Blosser RSS posted Mar 28 2014 at 10:09AM

Global Game Jam 2013 gave life to a little game known as RestLess, where you had to control your emotions using inner balance while avoiding outside distractions. digiKhel, the name of the people behind the game, have since turned it to a space-themed game known as Orion's Gold. 

In Orion's Gold, you play as a mining ship that appears in the middle of four portals. In these four portals are asteriods that appear from time to time, and are either hot or cold (so ore coming back affects temperature as such) and are sometimes unstable, which means not mining them completely will cause them to explode and throw off your temperature. Keeping a temperature balance is important, but the only control you have directly is moving little energy orbs to the four portals to direct your mining drones. It's very fast paced, as are the missions and upgrade screens that pop up. You have to be quick and efficent if you want to survive in this sitution.

The goal is merely to... (Read More)

Twitch-inspired Choice Chamber goes on Kickstarter 0

By Logan Blosser RSS posted Mar 28 2014 at 9:05AM

Recently, a stream appeared on twitch called "TwitchPlaysPokemon." This stream had a simple concept, and yet exploded in popularity. Every user got to enter commands that would be added into the emulator - and it turned out that 100,000 people playing Pokemon Red at once could defeat it, even if it took them days longer than a normal run. The novel concept of people cooperatively controlling one character was, well, novel. Noone had done it before, and the chaos turned out to be amazingly fun.

So, someone finally decided to fully integrate this into a game, as the core mechanic. Enter Studio Bean, a three team studio that was the creative mind behind BasketBelle and Soundodger. They have created a prototype for a twitch-enabled game called Choice Chamber, which has a single player platforming through procedurally generated rooms and fighting baddies. On the side of the bar, voting pops up for upgrades, weapon choices, summoning of gizmos, and various other aspects of the... (Read More)

Let There Be Life: A puzzle game has never been this relaxing 0

By RSS posted Mar 24 2014 at 1:55PM

Husband and Wife developer Backward pieS has come out with thier nice little game concieved for Edge Online's Get Into Games Challenge 2013, the theme of which was "Do No Harm." Thier game, called Let There Be Life, asks the player to build out a tree using pieces that it gives you to build out a great, flowering tree. However, below the tree are different flowers (and sometimes mushrooms) that must be kept from getting to much shadow over them - or else they will die, and you will lose.

In each level, you begin with a tree trunk with some flowers (and possibly a couple of mushrooms) on the ground around it. You are given a series of random tree branch pieces which must be attached to the existing tree in order. Any piece of branch can be attached to any part of the tree that is bigger than itself. This allows the player to attach chunks of branch of gradually decreasing size to each other to create long branches, but it also allows for twigs to be attached to larch... (Read More)

Stack blocks up high in "Folders" 0

By Logan Blosser RSS posted Mar 24 2014 at 1:36PM

Folders is a small game made by an indie company called Nurykabe, which is free to play in browser, or for $1 on android. The small concept is actually pretty genius and addicting, as are many simple games (for instance, flappy bird), and can keep you entertained for quite a while.

In this game, you are met with trapezoids falling from the top of the screen, and by clicking and/or tapping the screen, you can flip the direction they face horizontally. the object of the game is not to balance them, or at least, not in the same way. every trapezoid will line up with the top of the last one, so the goal is actually to make it so they do not touch the sides. if they touch, that's game over, and your score is the number of trapezoids you have stacked. its quick, its simple, and its a blast.

You can play the game here: Folders or follow that link to fnd a link to aquire it in the... (Read More)

One Way Heroics out on Steam 0

By Logan Blosser RSS posted Mar 18 2014 at 3:00PM

One Way Heroics, a turn-based RPG by Smoking WOLF, is now out on Steam for the low price of 3.49. One Way Heroics takes the form of a top-down turn based tactical RPG, in which the screen is constantly scrolling to the right and, if the darkness on the left overtakes you, you die. you must continue moving and advancing if you wish to escape and complete the task waiting for you in that dimension. As you die and restart, you begin to unlock hero points that you can use to buy upgrades, perks, and new classes to use in subsequent playthroughs. 

This mechanic makes for an interesting game in which you must make decisions on whether you have enough time to make it to a side goal, like a treasure chest, or if it is a lost cause and you should leave it behind. Remember, the world only moves when you do, so make each move count, as the darkness will overtake you otherwise. The developer has also announced that they are working on an expansion for the game, saying it will... (Read More)

Nintendo launches an indie-game focused eShop Hub 0

By Logan Blosser RSS posted Mar 17 2014 at 1:00PM

Nintendo has recently updated thier website and eShop to include links and sites more focused on 3rd party, indie developers. 

Leading the cause with phrases such as, “Get the games you want, when you want them – over 1,000 new, classic, and indie titles to choose from”, the page brings titles such as Steamworld Dig, Gunman Clive, Cave Story, Attack of the Friday Monsters, Moon Chronicles, Unepic and Siesta Fiesta.

With Nintendo’s first party offerings arriving slower than some are demanding and third party triple-A publishers increasingly shying away from Nintendo, indies perhaps offer Wii U and 3DS’ best bet of maintaining relevance. With the problems with thier non-friendly indie policies in the past year, followed by heavy finacial losses, Reggie Fils-Amie had this to say, that nintendo would be "spending a lot more time and a lot more energy to create the infrastructure to help [indie] developers publish their content... (Read More)

What 6 games are finalists for the IGF's grand prize? 0

By Logan Blosser RSS posted Mar 17 2014 at 10:57AM

At this years Independent Games Festival, like many other sin front of it, begins the fight by six games to be known as the cream of the crop and get the prestigious Seumas McNally Grand Prize. This is the highest award at the IGF, and is given to games that really impress the judges and get into the final running. So what games that you may or may not know that might be taking that leap.

1. The Stanley Parable

The Stanley Parable tells the story of a man named Stanley, who worked an unchanging job pressing buttons until, one day, all the people in the office dissapeared and stanley was left with a voice in his head, guiding him through the twisted pathways of his office building. 

This story driven game is based on the choices made by the player, with a changing narrative that gets increaingly friendly oer hostile towards the player. This dynamic element in storytelling allows the game a ton of replayability, to try and find the... (Read More)

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